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AFLOS for Leasing

Since a few years GNSS Flight Recorders are used for international competitions.                           Do you want to use AFLOS for national, regional and local competitions too?                                  Or you only want to improve the training for your national team by using AFLOS?                             In both cases I will make you a proposal.                                                                                      You can lease AFLOS !

Some benefits for you:

* You get the AFLOS you need, without having the full cost now.                                                      * Low leasing rates over six years (one rate 25% and fife rates 15%)                                                 * AFLOS will stay the whole time by you.                                                                                         * You decide the usage of AFLOS (competition, training and time).                                                   * AFLOS can be refinanced by renting to the competitors (For example 15E for one competition day) * After the full sum is paid, AFLOS will be yours.                                                                              * No interest, but also no discount.                                                                                                    * No risk! If you don’t want to use AFLOS longer, you can send it back.

Please have a look on the “Example Leasing Agreement”, especially the special conditions.

Some benefits for the organizer of competitions:

* Exact and easy Check Point timing.                                                                                                * Continuously observation of the flight rules.                                                                                     * Fast and easy evaluation of the competition                                                                                     * Less personal for preparation, carrying out and evaluation of a competition.                                     * Saving personal and work for Organisation will save money.                                                          è Reduce cost for competition.

Some benefits for the competitor:

* Exact record of the flight.                                                                                                                * Fair evaluation of the competition.                                                                                                   * Fast competition results.                                                                                                                 * Easy training with best effectiveness for competition.                                                                       * Debriefing of the flight by the competitor himself.                                                                              * Discussing the flight with other competitors or pilots.                                                                       * No additional helper, no Organisation necessary for training.